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Minor updates to Nebraska Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure - Local Rules - Appendix A, Appendix K and Apprendix N

Thursday, September 25, 2014
A few minor changes have been made to the above references Appendices.  See the list of changes as referenced below. The updated Appendices can be found on at - Court Info - Local Rules and Orders - Local Rules.
Appendix A
#41 Sanctions Motion - removed
Appendix K
Paragraph 1, page 1, "exceptions set forth in paragraph 5 below" is changed to " exceptions set forth in paragraph 4 below".
Section 3(b), page 3, "ALC qualified services and applicable rates are set forth below." The table has been removed and the language is modified to, "rate set forth in Appendix N."
Section 3(d), page 3, first sentence, "that are described in the chart listed under paragraph 3(b) above." The language is modified to, " that are described in the chart listed in Appendix N."
Section 4( c), first sentence, "Cases that require a confirmation trial," was added to the beginning of the first sentence.
Appendix N
Certification of A LA Carte (ALC) Fees/Expenses.... paragraph 2. "pursuant to paragraph 3(e) " is changed to "pursuant to paragraph 3(d)".
Last page, # 18 limited motion to modify the chapter 13 plan after confirmation, scheduled fee is increased from $350 to $400.
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