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Copy Request


  • Copy request for certified copies or photo copies of a case can be requested by mail, phone, or email – see below for details.
  • To retrieve information in Archive Cases, please contact Clerk's Office in Omaha at 402-661-7444 or Clerk's Office in Lincoln at 402-437-1625.
  • Cash is not an acceptable method of payment.
  • See the Courts Fee Schedule under Court Info-Court Fees.
Payee Acceptable Methods of Payment
Attorney credit/debit card/check
Debtor cashier's check/money order
Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) business check with/DIP name/cashier's check/money order
No-Debtor/Debtor (case is closed) credit/debit card/check/cashier's check/money order

Request - received by mail

***See Acceptable Methods of Payment***

  1. Provide the request in writing.
  2. Provide a self-addressed envelope to send back the respective documents.
  3. Provide a phone number, so the court can contact you with the fee due.
  4. Payment must be received prior to distribution.

Request - received by phone or email

***See Acceptable Methods of Payment***

  1. Send the request to
    1. A pro se debtor (in a pending case) cannot submit a request by email. Instead, the request would have to be mailed to or come in to the Clerk’s office.
    2. A debtor (in a pending case) can have the respective attorney request the copies by email. The copies would be emailed back to the attorney.
  2. Provide contact information, in the event the court needs to contact you.
  3. Payment must be received prior to distribution.