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Copy Request


  • Requests for certified copies or photo copies of a case can be requested by mail, phone, or email – see below for details.
  • Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). A beneficial method to obtain information about cases filed electronically in the CMECF database or to retrieve documents, you can login to PACER. For more information about PACER, click here
  • Cases at the Federal Records Center (FRC). You may obtain copies of documents in older bankruptcy cases by contacting the Federal Record Center (FRC). General bankruptcy case files are retained by the Federal Record Center for 15 years, after which time, the cases may be destroyed. You will need the following case information before contacting the FRC: the transfer number, the location number, the box number and the case file name and number. To obtain this information for non-electronic cases filed and closed in the District of Nebraska, contact the court click here. For more information on getting copies from the FRC, click here and to order copies online from the FRC, click here.
  • For Bankruptcy Court Fee Schedule, click here.
Payee Acceptable Methods of Payment
Attorney credit/debit card/check
Debtor cashier's check/money order
Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) business check with/DIP name/cashier's check/money order
No-Debtor/Debtor (case is closed) credit/debit card/check/cashier's check/money order

Request - received by mail

  1. Submit the request in writing.
  2. Provide the case name/number and documents you are requesting.
  3. Provide a self-addressed envelope to send back the respective documents.
  4. Provide contact information, so the court can contact you with the fee due.
  5. Payment must be received prior to distribution.
  6. There will be a search fee, in addition to the cost of the copies. See Fee Schedule.

Request - received by phone or email

  1. Send the request to
    1. A pro se debtor (in a pending case) must mail or come in to the Clerk’s office.
    2. If unable to request via email, then the request can be made via phone or mail.
  2. Provide contact information, in the event the court needs to contact you.
  3. Payment must be received prior to distribution.
  4. There will not be a charge for a search fee, if a case #,name, document # is provided.
  5. There is a charge for the copies. See Fee Schedule.