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Filing Without an Attorney

Do I need an attorney?

While it is possible to file a bankruptcy case pro se, i.e. without the assistance of an attorney, it may be difficult to do so successfully. It is recommended that a person considering bankruptcy consult with a competent attorney prior to filing a case.

If you are representing yourself without the benefit of an attorney, you are known as a Pro Se Litigant. "Pro Se" is a Latin term meaning "for yourself." As a pro se litigant, you enjoy every right entitled to you under the law. You need not worry if you have had little or no experience with the courts before. However, pro se litigants are expected to follow and abide by the rules that govern the practice of law in the federal courts.

Attention Pro Se Debtors/Other Unrepresented Parties

Where should case related documents be mailed?

During the course of a bankruptcy case or proceeding, bankruptcy court notices are mailed by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) on behalf of the court. The BNC, which is operated by a private contractor, provides notice production and mailing services for the court, but the BNC is not the court. Do not send documents to the BNC. Documents related to a bankruptcy case or proceeding should be sent directly to the court.