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Bankruptcy Preparation Software Packages

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court does not recommend, endorse or provide support for any bankruptcy preparation software. Please contact the vendor for updates or other information. "Works with Case Upload" indicates that the software has been tested and works with Case Upload in the Nebraska Bankruptcy Court.

Best Case Bankruptcy
Best Case Software
(800) 492-8037
*Works with Case Upload
Bankruptcy Esq.
(800) 617-4202
North Winds Inc.
(724) 838-8993
WBank 3
Puritas Springs Software
(330) 989-3165
LegalPro Systems
(210) 561-5300
*Works with Case Upload
LegalPro Systems
(210) 561-5300
*Works with Case Upload
Bankruptcy Case Software
(480) 706-6474
(978) 343-3390
Genus Bankruptcy
Alto Bankruptcy Software
(607) 339-8669
*Works with Case Upload