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NextGen CM/ECF Information

The Federal Judiciary has developed a Next Generation (NextGen) Case Management / Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system that allows using the same account for both PACER and electronic filing access (ECF).

New Functionality for NextGen CM/ECF Users

NextGen CM/ECF is an upgraded version of CM/ECF. NextGen CM/ECF brings new functionality in that it allows users to use a single login and password (also called central sign-on) for electronic filing and PACER access in federal courts (bankruptcy, district, and appellate). This central sign-on will allow access to all NextGen courts in which you have permission to file electronically. The Nebraska Bankruptcy Court went live on NextGen on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. 



Not all courts have instituted NextGen CM/ECF.

If you file in courts that have not converted to NextGen, you must continue to use their CM/ECF logins and passwords until they begin using NextGen CM/ECF.

To see a list of current NextGen CM/ECF courts, click here.