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E-Filing Withdrawal of Claim

When a Creditor wants to Withdrawal a Proof of Claim, they will need to create a document which includes the case caption and a statement regarding the desire to withdraw a specific claim (including the claim number); and a signature block.  This document will need to be converted to a PDF format prior to filing the Withdrawal on ePOC. Do not include the Official Bankruptcy Proof of Claim (410) form that is being withdrawn as a part of the PDF document.

The following instructions are for Withdrawal of Claim:

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Click on NextGen CM/ECF > E-Filing Proof of Claims (ePOC)
  3. Click on Withdraw A Proof of Claim.
  4. Click on Withdraw Claim.
  5. Enter the Case Number (e.g., xx-xxxxx)
  6. Enter the Name of the Creditor.
  7. IMPORTANT: Read the redaction notice and ensure the information filed in is compliance, then checkmark Redaction box and click Next.
  8. Verify the Case Number, Debtor information, and Claim Number.  If correct, enter the following information:
    • Check the box before the claim number you wish to withdraw.
    • Browse for your Withdrawal of Claim PDF
    • Enter the Verification Code (NOTE: The Verification Code must be in all LOWERCASE).
    • Click Submit Withdrawal of Claim.
  9. Receive a confirmation screen stating the Withdrawal of Claim has been filed.