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E-Filing AMENDED Proof of Claim

The Electronic Proof of Claims (ePOC) is a program designed to streamline claims processing by allowing Creditors to file a Proof of Claim,  Amended Proof of Claim, and Withdraw of Claim over the internet from a link on the Court's web site (  The ePOC program will automatically prepare the Official Bankruptcy Proof of Claim (410) Form (for both filing a claim and amending a claim) based on the information entered into the program.  When the filing for Proof of Claim, Amended Claim or Withdrawl of Claim is complete, a confirmation message is received that the claim or withdrawal was officially filed with the court.

NOTE: If you are attempting to amend a claim because the original claim has the incorrect name or address, you can not file an amended claim.  There is no way to overwrite the original name or address in the POC fields.  Contact the Court for further instructions.

The following instructions are for a Proof of Claim:

  1. Go to our website at
  2. Click on NextGen CM/ECF > E-Filing Proof of Claims (ePOC)
  3. Click on File a Proof of Claim or Amended Proof of Claim.
  4. Enter the Case Number (e.g., xx-xxxxx)
  5. Enter the Name of the Creditor filing the claim.
    NOTE: If only a portion of the creditor's name is entered in the "Name of Creditor" box, ePOC will pull all the creditors in the case that contain that specific information in the name. You can also leave the box blank to pull up all the creditors.
  6. IMPORTANT: Read the redaction notice and ensure the information filed in is compliance, then checkmark Redaction box and click Next.
  7. Select the radial button for the "Creditor Filing the claim" or selete "Creditor Not Listed."
    NOTE: If the creditor's name apears correctly, but the address is incorrect, select "Creditor Not Listed".
  8. Verify "FILED BY" and confirm this is the Correct Case and Case Number:< br />
  9. Verify the creditor information:
  10. In order for the Official Proof of Claim (410) form to be created properly, the following information should be completed:
    • ALL "Yes/No Questions MUST be ANSWERED.
    • Question 4 will be answered YES. Must choose the claim number you are amending and the date it was filed.
    • Amount of Claim.
    • Basis for Claim.
    • Supporting documentation/attachments (if necessary), **NOTE: Attachments must be saved as a pdf document in order to attach.
    • Creditor's signature.
    • Verification Code.
  11. Verify all claim information entered and enter the Verification Code.
  12. Click Submit Claim.
  13. Receive a confirmation screen stating claim number and a verification email will be sent to you at the address provided.