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Inactive CM/ECF Accounts Clean Up

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


In an effort to clean up old, inactive accounts, any CM/ECF account in the Nebraska - US Bankruptcy Court that has not been accessed since March  1, 2014 will be deactivated and the account holder may be required to reapply for CM/ECF access.  If you are not a frequent user of our CM/ECF system and you wish to ensure that your account remains active, please login and change your password prior to Friday, April 17, 2015.  (See Maintain your CM/ECF Account at - CM/ECF - Manuals - CM/ECF Maintain User/Filing Agent Manual ) If you have forgotten your login and/or password you may email to request that information.
****** This clean up effort is being conducted on your Nebraska - US Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF account only.  Accounts held in Nebraska - District Court and through PACER are not included in this clean up project.