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ACH Payment method

Friday, January 6, 2012


As a start to the New Year, the Nebraska Bankruptcy Court would like to inform you of an exciting
change that has taken place with CM/ECF system. We have now added ACH ability as an additional
payment method for your convenience when filing via the CM/ECF system!

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) is a direct payment method that will debit from your checking or
savings account and the funds will be sent directly to the court, immediately. Only your financial
institutions routing number and account number are needed to make a payment in this manner.
Individuals familiar with CM/ECF will notice the credit card payment option screen has now included the
ACH option. The ACH payment option is now at the top, while the Credit Card option is below.
Paying via ACH has tremendous advantages. The most advantageous is a debit or credit card is no
longer needed. You will no longer need to worry about having a debit or credit card on‐hand; nor will
you need the security numbers, a credit or transaction limit, or the billing statements associated with
the debit or credit card(s).

ACH will pull money directly from your checking or savings account by entering your name, the amount
you would like to pay, financial institution routing number, and account number. Better yet, you can
assign a check number to the transaction to help with your record keeping.

The ACH payment method can also be used at any time, just like a credit card. This process is also very
safe and secure. Instead of paying with cash or check, consider this new convenient option.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, please contact me directly at (402) 661‐7474.

Wishing you the best in 2012!

Brinton Strohmyer
Financial Specialist
Nebraska Bankruptcy Court