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  • 05/11/1979
    Ultra-Lith Printers, Inc., BK78-L-442 05/11/1979

    Trustee's counsel, who represented a creditor in a pre-petition debt workout with the debtor, has a potential conflict of interest concerning litigation between the trustee and that creditor, but may represent the trustee in unrelated matters in the case

  • 05/09/1979
    Farmers State Bank v. Leonard DeNaeyer (In re DeNaeyer), BK78-0-1139 05/09/1979

    Creditor was permitted to amend non-dischargeability complaint after deadline for doing so had passed, but only to state its legal theories with more specificity. Creditor was not allowed to make new factual allegations that it could have raised earlier

  • 05/08/1979
    Aidex Corporation, BK79-0-111 05/08/1979

    The bankruptcy court confirmed the sale of a piece of the debtor's equipment and ordered that part of the proceeds be paid to a creditor holding a security interest in the asset, with the balance of the proceeds to be placed into escrow

  • 05/02/1979
    Joseph Shaddy, BK78-0-920 (May 2, 1979) 05/02/1979

    Court denied creditors' request to reopen the bankruptcy case to file a late non-dischargeability complaint. The creditors' expectation that the trustee would pursue the complaint was unreasonable and may constitute neglect, but not "excusable" neglect

  • 05/01/1979
    Michael Allan Foster, BK79-0-88 05/01/1979

    The court allowed the debtor to dismiss his case because his only debt was a potential debt arising from a car accident, and no lawsuit regarding the accident had yet been filed. Therefore, the debt was not provable and there was nothing to be discharged

  • 05/01/1979
    Lucinda Childs v. Claude Sanders (In re Sanders), BK78-0-1537 05/01/1979

    A personal injury lawsuit that was pending against the debtor on the petition date falls under the Bankruptcy Act's definition of a "provable debt" and is therefore dischargeable 

  • 04/03/1979
    In re Marquardt Storage Company, BK73-0-1226 04/03/1979

    Debtor's Chapter XI was unsuccessful, so the company liquidated and the trustee had $94,000 available for administrative expenses. The court weighed the benefit to the estate provided by each claimant in deciding how much in fees and expenses to allow 

  • 04/02/1979
    Charles Turner, BK78-0-854 04/02/1979

    Court granted extension of time for creditor's lawyer to file a complaint to determine dischargeability of certain debts, finding excusable neglect under Rule 906 where creditor's attorney was away from work for one month and fell behind on his workload

  • 04/02/1979
    Mary Pat Shelledy v. Richard Ray Meyers II (In re Meyers), BK78-L-429 04/02/1979

    Plaintiff's non-dischargeability action was barred because, although she had timely filed a negligence lawsuit against the debtor in state court, summons was not properly served on the debtor and the statute of limitations expired in the meantime 

  • 04/02/1979
    Leaford Burnett v. Loren Myers (In re Myers), BK78-L-280 04/02/1979

    The court found in plaintiff's favor that his claim against the debtor-defendant arising from a motor vehicle accident was non-dischargeable because the debt wasn't "provable" under the terms of the Bankruptcy Act. Only "provable" debts may be discharged