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Installment Payments

A filer may make a debtor’s installment payment online.
The “Payment through Internet (Installment)” event will allow the filer to enter the amount intended to pay for an installment and will forward the filer to the site to make the payment.

  1. Select Bankruptcy > Other
  2. Enter Case Number (e.g. xx-xxxxx).  Click Next.
  3. Select Payment through Internet from the event list.  Click Next.
  4.  Click Next to skip the Joint Filing Screen.
  5. Select the party filer. Click Next
  6. Enter "Installment" in the "Payment is for" text box.  Enter the dollar amount you are paying in the Fee Amount box. Click Next.
  7. If needed, modify the text according to the court's procedures.  Click Next.
  8. Verify the final docket text before submitting.  If correct, click Next.  
    CAUTION!!  This is the last screen.  Clicking Next will submit your document to CM/ECF.  If the final docket text is incorrect, click the Back button to find the screen to modify or abort the transaction by clicking on Bankruptcy on the CM/ECF Menu bar.
  9. Notice of Electronic Filing/Receipt screen displays. The Notice of Electronic Filing certifies that this pleading is now an official court document.  
  10. Click “Pay Now” and the filer will be directed to a security protected screen that allows the filer to complete the ACH/credit card process. (See PAYING FILING FEES)  NOTE: Filing fees must be paid at the time of filing. Failure to submit the fees may result in the striking of or dismissal by the Court.