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Paying Filing Fees

At the end of a transaction, a list of all filings with fees due appears. Select “Pay Now” to pay some or all of the filing fees. If there are more cases or pleadings requiring fees to file, select “Continue Filing.”  

DETECTING AN ERROR:  If there is an error in the summary of current charges screen, do not select "Pay Now."  Contact the appropriate case administrator responsible for the case so the error can be corrected before an incorrect charge is made to the filer's credit card.  

CONTINUE FILING SELECTED: The “Pay Now” screen appears after each subsequent transaction or the fees may be paid at the end of the day using the Utilities menu option, Internet Payments Due.   (See INTERNET PAYMENTS DUE).  Filing fees must be paid at the time of filing. Failureto submit the fees may result in the striking of or dismissal by the Court.  Only the login account that files the pleadings can see the applicable fees due using the Utilities option, Internet Payments Due.

  • To pay the filing fee, click “Pay Now.” 

  • To continue filing and accumulate charges, click “Continue Filing.”


When the “Pay Now” option is selected, the filer will be presented with the following “Internet Payments Due” screen and will check the box or boxes to mark the filing fees being paid.  

  • Once the fees have been selected, click “Next” to continue.

The following screen will show a description of the item(s) check marked to pay along with the total amount due.  

  • Review each payment and total.  
  • Click “Pay Now.”

Once “Pay Now” is selected, the filer will be directed back to PACER.

  • Enter your "Username" and "Password"
  • Click "Login".

Pay Filing Fee Screen will appear:

  • Select a Payment Method
  • Click "Next".

Enter Payment Information Screen will appear:

  • Fields followed by asterisks (*) are required. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields. 
  • Click "Next"

Authorize Payment Screen will appear:

  • Click the “Authorization” check box
  • Click ONCE on “Submit Payment” button to continue. Caution: If the Submit Payment button is double clicked, this could result in duplicate payments.
  • Optional - Entering an email address allows a confirmation receipt to be sent to the filer’s email account.

Once the transaction has been successfully processed, the filer will receive a receipt number and a notation that the submitted ACH or credit card was appropriately charged
and the payment is immediately docketed to the case.  The receipt has a link for printing and it is recommended to print a copy for your records.   If the filer entered
an email address in the screen shown above, the filer will also receive a receipt from