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Options to Review Nebraska Bankruptcy Opinions

Thursday, March 31, 2011


We are pleased to advise that there are two options available for bankruptcy practitioners to search the
written opinions issued by the bankruptcy court.
Option 1: All opinions dating from 1978 to current are contained in the local database link on the court's
internet page under Case Info-Nebraska Bankruptcy opinions . The
database has been made "full-text searchable" which allows you to insert a word, a Judge, etc. and click
search. The search should bring up a number of links which allow you click on the applicable pdf
document. Not all the case links include an abstract of the opinion so click on the link to view the pdf
document. We are working applying an abstract to all opinions contained in the database. If you are just
interested in the most recent opinions, click case info-Nebraska Bankruptcy Opinions-Most Recent
Option 2: While logged into the ECF system https://ecf.neb.circ8.dcn/, click on reports - written opinions.
This feature allows you to search by case number, name, office, and date filed. You may generate the
report for a certain time frame which will allow you to see the most recent opinions. This database
contains all the opinions issued from September 2005 to current but only the docket text contained in
the respective entry is text searchable. Once you have generated the report, do a Ctrl F and add your
search term. The cursor will move to the search term within the report. The ECF National Committee is
working on adding a full-text searchable feature to the program so that the attached pdf documents can
be searched as well, but that inclusion will be 2 or 3 years into the future.
Eva Roeber
Chief Deputy
District of Nebraska