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A.      The Clerk shall have the authority to process certain redaction requests without a motion and Court order.  Specifically, any entity seeking to redact personal identifying information as described in Fed. R. Bank. P. 9037(a) (social security or taxpayer identification numbers, financial account numbers, and/or dates of birth or names of minor children) from documents on file with the Court may file a Notice of Redaction using the CM/ECF event “Notice of Redaction (Sealed)” with the redacted document included as an attachment.  The notice is restricted from public view and is available only to the party filer and the Court.  The notice should specify the document to be redacted and the information to be redacted from the document.

B.      Upon receipt of the notice and the redacted document, the Clerk shall remove the document from the CM/ECF System and replace it with the redacted document.  Any Notice of Redaction that fails to comply with this Local Rule will remain unprocessed and will be issued a Notice of Non-Compliance.

C.      Any request to redact information other than the personal identifying information described in Fed. R. Bank. P. 9037(a) shall be submitted to the Court by motion.