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Rule 9017-1. Hearings on Declarations and Documentary Evidence; Destruction of Exhibits

Part IX. General Provisions

            A.         Filing of Exhibits. Parties must electronically file evidence (e.g. declarations, affidavits, or other documents) in support of, or in opposition to a motion following the procedures in Appendix P. Exhibits must be filed by the deadline set by the court or by rule or, if no deadline is set, at least three days before the hearing. The court may refuse to receive any evidence not timely filed.

            B.         Destruction of Exhibits. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, all exhibits must be electronically filed. The clerk will retain paper exhibits until 90 days after a final order is entered on a motion after which the clerk may discard them without notice. When the clerk destroys or returns exhibits, the clerk will enter a text entry on the docket sheet stating the disposition and the date thereof.