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Rule 9011-1. Signatures and Document Retention

Part IX. General Provisions

            A.    Authorized Signature Methods. The following constitute a signature on a document filed electronically on the CM/ECF System under these Local Rules and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure including, but not limited to, Rule 9011:

1.         A digitally scanned image of the originally signed document containing a wet ink signature;

2.         An image with a digital signature from a software program that creates a secure electronic signature that uniquely identifies the signer and ensures both the authenticity of the signature, and the signed document has not been altered or repudiated, including DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and SignEasy;

3.         An original wet ink signature;

4.         A document filed by a CM/ECF participant signed “/s/” followed by the printed name of the signatory when the filing party received the signature of the signatory or in the case of another CM/ECF participant, permission to use the /s/ signature; and

            B.    /s/ Signatures. Any CM/ECF participant who electronically files a document containing an “/s/” for a debtor or non-filing CM/ECF participant represents under penalty of perjury he or she has custody of the document with the signing party’s signature or, if the signing party is also a CM/ECF participant, has permission to include the signing party’s signature by “/s/.” A filing party must retain the signed document or retain evidence of permission to use an “/s/” for a least one year after the bankruptcy case is closed. On request, the filing party must provide the court or other parties a copy of the signed document or evidence of permission. Provided there is no record retention requirement for electronically filed proofs of claim.