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Paul A. Rosberg, Ch. 13, BK21-80406-BSK (June 21, 2021)

The court dismissed the debtor’s fourth Chapter 13 case for cause and barred him from refiling for 180 days. In each of the cases, the debtor failed to timely file schedules, the statement of financial affairs, and a plan. His intent in filing bankruptcy is to delay or prevent his former wife from collecting a property equalization judgment awarded to her as part of the marital dissolution. This delay is prejudicial to creditors and is cause for dismissal under § 1307(c).

Cause for dismissal also exists because the debtor filed the bankruptcy petition in bad faith, failing to accurately state his debts and expenses, misrepresenting his assets, failing to comply with court orders, and attempting to manipulate the Bankruptcy Code.

Finally, the debtor is not an eligible Chapter 13 debtor because his only claimed income is a monthly Social Security payment of $1,000, which he does not commit to paying into a plan of reorganization. Even if the debtor were to fund his plan with Social Security income, it is insufficient to pay the $320,000 judgment owed to his former wife and his monthly $1,888 child support payments, so a plan would not meet the requirements of § 1322(a).

Because the debtor is a serial filer who consistently fails to comply with his obligations under the Bankruptcy Code, cause exists to bar the debtor from filing a bankruptcy petition for 180 days.

Monday, June 21, 2021
Judge Brian S. Kruse