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Judge Timothy J. Mahoney (Retired)

Commonwealth Elec. Co. v. ISYS Sec. Sys., Inc. (In re Commonwealth Elec. Co.), Ch. 11, BK87-2457, A88-286 (May 21, 1990)

Reported at 118 B.R. 720. The debtor was a subcontractor on a construction project for the government. The court determined the amount payable to debtor after taking breach damages into account. The contract was subject to the Contract Disputes Act.

Overland Nat'l Bank of Grand Island v. Theodore V. Olson (In re Olson), Ch. 11, BK85-1085, A85-181 (May 30, 1989)

Reported at 101 B.R. 134. Neither the lender, the attorneys nor the IRS had a lien on money remaining after debtors’ prior bankruptcy case was dismissed, so it belonged to the debtors. Moreover, part of the IRS claim for trust fund taxes was disallowed.


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