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Unclaimed Funds Query Results

DateCase NoDebtorClaimant Last Namesort descendingClaimant First NameAmount
2011-07-1198-82546Beefamerica Chantry-Victor Inc$77.23
2008-10-2905-80855Chapman, William & SharonChapmanWilliam & Sharon$2.39
1995-05-1688-40820Hamilton, Richard & LindaChapter 13 Payment Unit$419.00
2009-06-1197-82098Dickinson, Andrew ACharge-it-System$34.00
2009-06-1197-82098Dickinson, Andrew ACharge-it-System$37.24
2008-06-0997-80596Parker, Bobbie SCharge-it-System$25.00
2009-06-1197-82098Dickinson, Andrew ACharge-it-System$35.00
2010-03-0907-41313Whited, Richard & PamelaCharming Shoppes - Catherines$2.87
2013-09-2407-42336Jordie R. & Hiliary L. CaryCharming Shoppes-Lane BryantFirst Express$172.78
2015-05-2008-82575Clyde David & Debra K Sheard Chase$486.94
2004-01-1200-81738Peoples, Bruce WayneChaseVerl$80.00
2011-04-2605-85951Mallow, Charles & SusanChase Auto Finance Corp$5.25
2008-08-2707-82334Carey, Randy DChase Bank USA$2.95
2013-01-3007-41520Scott A. & Shirley A. WeichelChase Bank USA$73.35
2013-01-3009-40835Cassie Lynne PfeifferChase Bank USA$0.40
2013-01-3008-40659Bridget M. MenkeChase Bank USA$22.64
2013-03-2611-81319Jeffrey John & Karen Ann CoveyChase Bank USA$60.65
2013-02-0109-81088Ora B. PrinceChase Bank USA$16.14
2013-03-2608-42525Wayne Alan & Beth Ann HansenChase Bank USA$106.85
2013-03-2610-42692Don L. RossChase Bank USA$0.51
2013-03-2609-43711Stacey M. ErnstChase Bank USA$34.81
2015-12-2210-43566Kelly Jean WardChase Bank USA$123.56
2015-11-3011-40042Bill & Lisa A. BettelyounChase Bank USA$137.02
2015-11-3010-41035Donald Gene & Julie Ann BurchamChase Bank USA$40.59
2015-11-3010-43566Kelly Jean WardChase Bank USA$163.99
2015-09-2810-81675Jeffery C. OkrinaChase Bank USA$220.29
2012-12-2709-41964Gina M. KriegerChase Bank USA$9.33
2012-12-2707-40001Van Dean & Ellen Elaine PaclChase Bank USA$48.56
2012-12-2708-82573Lisa Anne HauterChase Bank USA$74.13
2012-12-2709-41197Bryan Everett BakerChase Bank USA$32.62
2012-12-2709-81110Sharon Mae GallagherChase Bank USA$127.19
2012-12-2707-40116Mark Henry LutzChase Bank USA$9.99
2013-01-3009-81316Kristi Jayne PedersonChase Bank USA$12.75
2013-01-3009-82163Carl Vernel & Barbara M. RuebushChase Bank USA$93.79
2012-12-2705-43564Darren James & Tracy Elmae HuxollChase Bank USA$21.11
2013-01-3011-42547Kory K. & Melissa Ann Killingsworth Chase Bank USA$222.80
2013-01-3009-82434Willard L. StilenChase Bank USA$321.79
2013-01-3009-82434Willard L. StilenChase Bank USA$183.82
2012-12-2707-40116Mark Henry LutzChase Bank USA$38.15
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.10
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.11
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.32
2010-04-2309-41877Loucks, Lawrence & StacyChase Bank USA NA$0.59
2010-10-0409-41773Young, RiennaChase Bank USA NA$4.75
2010-05-0609-41069Cos, Craig & TashaChase Bank USA NA$0.83
2011-02-1710-42324Dick, William & JenniferChase Bank USA NA$0.46
2009-04-0808-81884Hurt, Jimmy J oeChase Bank USA NA$0.75
2009-04-0808-81920Bintner, David RChase Bank USA NA$1.69
2011-07-1110-43371Steven Duane & Brenda Kay RobersonChase Bank USA, N.A.$3.71
2011-11-1010-42623KEVIN V. WOODWARDCHASE BANK USA, N.A.$4.71
2011-07-1210-80288Theodore Peter & Bonnie Jean MekelburgChase Bank USA, NA $2.05
2012-10-0408-81789Elizabeth Colleen ForalChase Bank USA, NA$3.02
2012-09-1311-80825Kenneth Roy and Julie Marie SigmonChase Bank USA, NA$4.96
2013-03-1411-80464Jason Jon & Julie Jolynn BlankenshipChase Bank USA, NA$2.73
2013-03-1411-80464Jason Jon & Julie Jolynn BlankenshipChase Bank USA, NA$0.25
2006-11-1501-80169Johnson, Lawrence & DianeChase Bankcard Svcs$24.20
2006-10-3001-82071GettmanChase Bankcard Svcs$64.20
2006-10-3001-81047CobbsChase Bankcard Svcs$11.80
2006-10-3001-41307MessersmithChase Bankcard Svcs$2.02
2006-10-3001-40137FellerChase Bankcard Svcs$161.63
2007-02-2103-80391OrtizChase Home Finance$473.99
2009-03-1005-85900Beckwith, Terrel & NancyChase Home Finance$2.00
2013-07-3009-42771Dean W. Raser Chase Home Finance$2.23
2010-10-1208-43031Burnett, Clifford WayneChase Home Finance LLC$490.36
2012-01-2603-82194Gere Jean and Robert J. FrickensteinChase Manhattan Bank$8,774.10
1993-09-1486-80826John NelsonChase Manhattan Bank$79.00
2007-04-0603-41233Riley, William & DebraChase Manhattan Bank USA$271.61
1997-10-1190-81177Capitol Supply, Inc.Chase Manhattan Leasing$476.07
2006-05-0286-81900Carl A Anderson IncChase Manhattan Leasing$136.00
2006-03-0303-81495SmithChase Manhattan Mortgage$207.00
2011-07-1101-83793Wagner, Peggy JChase Mortgage Bank$1,143.15
2013-07-3012-41520Eric D Rees Chase Records Center$20.12
2014-11-1913-80701Michael Kent Jr. & Hattie Lou O'BrienChase Records Center$372.85
2008-06-0996-80442Crannell, JonChase VISA$69.52
2006-05-0286-81900Carl A Anderson IncChastainHerbert$87.05
1993-09-1487-81629Kenneth CurtisCheck Express$33.30
2007-07-3102-81470Grandizio, Frank & ElizabethCheck N Go$18.87
2008-04-0104-83530Tucker, Rogers Sr & SharonCheck N Go$12.19
2007-12-1903-82544Porter, LauraCheck N Go$109.31
2007-07-3104-80845Smith, Rick & BrendaCheck N Go$11.45
2007-07-3104-80845Smith, Rick & BrendaCheck N Go$12.32
2008-01-2402-80027Drazic, Mark & JoneCheck N Go$32.89
2008-04-0104-83616Pedicone, ErickCheck N Go$24.72
2008-01-2402-80027Drazic, Mark & JoneCheck N Go$22.64
2007-08-2302-81470Grandizio, Frank & ElizabethCheck N Go$0.78
2008-01-2404-42429Mlinar, MaryCheck N Go$4.08
2010-12-1605-82813Olatubosun, Samuel & RebeccaCheck N Go$30.04
2010-12-1605-82934Smith, ChristopherCheck N Go$5.65
2009-06-1197-81940Perrigo, MichaelCheck Post Inc$67.28
2009-09-1105-82571Howard, Chad & CrystalCheck ProAgent for Country Market$2.44
2015-05-2909-83290Kevin J. PerryCheck Pro$118.09
2004-09-2999-82757Hagens, IrisCheepers Rent A Car$138.00
1991-09-04Misc Ch 13 casessee orderChemical Bank$11.00
2012-10-3007-41077Albert and Judith Schrader IIIChevron Credit Bank$9.62
2006-05-0297-80025Smith, Charles OtisChevy Chase Bank$242.25
1996-04-2590-81901Runge, Timothy C.Chevy Chase FSB$64.00
1996-09-2690-81901Runge, Tmothy CChevy Chase FSB$36.00
2013-07-1512-80060John C. & Suzanne R. YoungChexcel$2.18
1990-04-0286-02516John & Roberta ThomasChild Support Recovery U$1.00
1993-10-0188-82044Chinn, Ruth VivianChinnRuth$35.00