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Unclaimed Funds Query Results

Datesort ascendingCase NoDebtorClaimant Last NameClaimant First NameAmount
2012-08-3009-82190Brent and Jessica AshbrookThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-08-3010-41532Tammi MackenRick D Langeor Debtor$267.44
2012-08-3011-40950Jeffrey SaddJohn Wolf or Debtor$10.81
2012-08-3010-80895Joshua and Anna PritchardDell Financial Services$3.07
2012-08-3011-80535Tamra ShivelyThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-08-3011-82022Shon and Terese ThielenMetlife Home Loans$1.83
2012-08-2110-42061Howard H and Christine J BlakeBryan LGH Heart Institute$2.41
2012-08-1511-80289Gina Marie LowtherPYOD LLC Assignee of Citibank NA$4.29
2012-08-1311-43011Dustin Earl TaborBeauticontrol Inc$40.23
2012-08-0911-41222Dana Andrew and Ashley Ann HouserShannon Lynch MD$4.45
2012-08-0911-43087Clifford Wayne TaylorCapital One Bank NA$4.90
2012-07-3009-80150Michael and Julie RumpPrairie Fields Family Medicine$7.66
2012-07-3009-80477Douglas and Kerry KoesterDouglas and Kerry Koester$66.00
2012-07-3009-80782James and Catherine FarmerGross, Iwersen, Kratochvil, Klein$4.45
2012-07-3010-81451Joshua and Jennifer WilliamsRick D Langeor Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3011-40136Walter and Lacey KnickerbockerRick D Lange or Debtor$16.58
2012-07-3011-80286Henry Reese JrThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3011-81721Philip and Patricia JohnsonSelect Portfolio Servicing Inc$4.24
2012-07-3008-81503Stephen and Linda KreifelsThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3007-81772Diane FantroyRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3007-41060Donald and Mary VeskrnaRamic Medical Imaging LLC $1.84
2012-07-3007-40263Douglas and Kristi TurnerUniversity of Nebraska FCU$10.08
2012-07-3005-43564Darren HuxollAutomotive Sales and Service$9.32
2012-07-2311-81612Kathleen M MedlockGeneral Service Bureau for Metropolitan Utilities$223.27
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekPYOD LLC assignee of Citibank$.63
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekGE Money Bank$.66
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekGE Money Bank$3.40
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekGE Money Bank$4.73
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekFia Card Services NA Bank of America$1.62
2012-06-2806-81684Daniel Burns and Alicia Miranda BurnsBurnsDaniel and Alicia M$116.50
2012-06-2807-40530Michael and Jaimie CallawayParagon Way Inc$51.56
2012-06-2807-40528Johnathan and Sarah GilbertGilbertJohnathan and Sarah$4.00
2012-06-2807-40263Douglas and Kristi TurnerUniversity of Nebraska FCU$22.44
2012-06-2806-82066Mark and Donna SopcichNYDIC-Omaha$448.19
2012-06-2806-81979David and Pamela FrankFrankDavid and Pamela$2.00
2012-06-2806-81473Billy and Heather StarkeyEl Paso Electric Company$.02
2012-06-2806-81473Billy and Heather StarkeyDivide Water Providers$.01
2012-06-2807-80288Jacqulyn TynerTynerJacqulyn$105.00
2012-06-2808-42519Katie KeiferUS Department of Education$38.86
2012-06-2809-81952Raymond Walden and Martina ThompsonThomas Stalnaker orDebtor$10.00
2012-06-2809-83121Allan CarlsonRichard Myers orDebtor$17.25
2012-06-2809-80481Daniel and Kelly TeleckyHSBC Mortgage Services$42.44
2012-06-2808-83264Kim and Traci LambCity of Austin$1.22
2012-06-2808-81573Janet CombsJoe Badami orDebtor$10.00
2012-06-2808-80519David and Gayle SwansonDrywall Supply Inc$203.01
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenIowa Firefighter$.12
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenTask Force Tips Inc$.12
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenPerformance Advantage Co$.06
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenKussmaul Electronics$.13
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenKocheh Company Inc$.11
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenWaterous Company$.03
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenWells Fargo Bank$.91
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenBaker Hardward Co$.01
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenMED-Midam, MES$.25
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenDady and Garner PA $2.07
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenSign Mobile$.38
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenInternal Revenue Service$.22
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenAmerican Infosource LPagent for WS Darley and Company$.62
2012-06-1208-42096Jeffrey L MellenSmart Power Systems$.71
2012-06-1111-40076Karla F FoxAmerican InfoSource LP as Agent forWFNNB as assignee of Roamans$4.10
2012-06-1110-42592Jonathan Frank EurestePCS Health Center$1.33
2012-05-2506-81684Daniel Burns and Alicia Miranda-BurnsDaniel and Alicia Miranda-Burns$116.50
2012-05-2506-81274Shawn and Patricia RogersRogersShawn and Patricia$1.00
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsMidwest Seed Genetics Inc$20.87
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsWells Fargo Financial Leasing$1.78
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsSyngenta Seeds Inc$8.42
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsMidwest Seed Genetics Inc$22.52
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsThomte Mazour and Niebergall LLC$.33
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsWells Fargo Financial Leasing$1.16
2012-05-2507-40087Michael and Debra WilcoxAccredo Nova Factor Inc$12.50
2012-05-2507-80065Jeffrey and Donna PohrenPohrenJeffrey and Donna$554.00
2012-05-2507-81172Jaynaze BonnerDakota st Bank Rewards 660$50.15
2012-05-2508-43027Tracy and Andrea MicekMicekTracy and Andrea$2.00
2012-05-2508-80519David and Gayle SwansonProkupekJames A$25.11
2012-05-2508-80519David and Gayle SwansonGildonDon$6.40
2012-05-2508-40170Daryl and Linda TicklePhilip Kelly or Debtor$10.00
2012-05-2511-40406Jerry and Lenette BloomRick D Lange orDebtor$289.00
2012-05-2511-42277Randall MillerJohn Wolf orDebtor$2405.26
2012-05-2511-81411Carrie ErwinThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-05-2311-42596Steven Ross and Julie Lynn McAndrewElan Financial Services$13.77
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitB-Line LLC$.22
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitCapitol One Bank USA NA$.35
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitDiscover Bank$.96
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitDiscover Bank$.38
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitTarget National Bank$.35
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.10
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.11
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitChase Bank USA NA$.32
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitFIA Card Services NA$.37
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitCapitol Recovery III LLC$1.88
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitCapitol Recovery III, LLC$.07
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitAtlas Acquistions LLC$.16
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitAtlas Acquisitions LLC $.36
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitAtlas Acquisitions LLC$.66
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitGE Money Bank$.18
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitGE Money Bank$.25
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitWorlds Foremost Bank$.04
2012-05-1509-80067Carol Jean ByrneGE Money Bankco Recovery Management System Corp$2.91
2012-05-1110-40701Efrain and Sheri L FavelaFavelaEfrain and Sheri L$4.00
2012-05-0306-40860Dena BehrnsTrue Photography$.02