Unclaimed Funds Query Results

DateCase NoDebtorClaimant Last NameClaimant First NameAmountsort descending
2012-09-0712-40172Michael Leroy and Jodi Lynn RatliffEast Lincoln Family Health$1.08
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsWells Fargo Financial Leasing$1.16
2013-07-3009-42360Francis S & Laurie A GoodwinAccount Recovery Specialists$1.20
2012-06-2808-83264Kim and Traci LambCity of Austin$1.22
2012-08-3007-80218Eric EverroadEverroadEric$1.26
2013-03-2607-81811James P. PetersPetersJames$1.28
2013-03-1411-80464John Murphy & Latisha BlanchardE&M Servicesco Maxine Greewald$1.28
2012-10-0408-81789Elizabeth Colleen ForalOPPD$1.30
2012-06-1110-42592Jonathan Frank EurestePCS Health Center$1.33
2013-02-2512-80302Kirk Edward GardnerNebraska Public Power District$1.39
2012-09-0711-41145Gerald L and Cindy R EverettCapital recovery IV LLC$1.44
2013-02-2510-82603Jennifer Jane LeuckGE Money Bank co Recovery Mgmt System$1.44
2013-03-1411-80464Jason Jon & Julie Jolynn BlankenshipThompson Dreessen & Dorner Inc.$1.45
2012-04-2311-41722Russell R Dlouhy and Judith L DlouhyUniversal Stone Inc$1.49
2013-07-1512-80060John C. & Suzanne R. YoungBomgaars Supply, Inc.$1.51
2013-04-2909-83464Troy L. HingstFarmers & Merchants State Bank$1.51
2013-07-1308-80988Marlin Jay Greenfield and Kathleen Rose GreenfieldAlltel Verizon$1.57
2013-05-1311-82312William Michael & Patricia Ann BrandOncology Hematology West$1.62
2013-07-3009-42360Francis S & Laurie A GoodwinHanover Hospital$1.62
2012-07-1910-41137Roberta Jean WellensiekFia Card Services NA Bank of America$1.62
2012-09-0711-41145Gerald L and Cindy R EverettSoutheast Community College$1.66
2013-03-1411-80464John Murphy & Latisha BlanchardDaily Nonparell$1.67
2013-03-1411-80464John Murphy & Latisha BlanchardCalvary Portfolio Srvc LLC$1.72
2012-04-0908-41490E&L Holdings, IncDaltonJack$1.74
2012-04-2311-41722Russell R Dlouhy and Judith L DlouhyDiscover Bank$1.75
2012-05-2505-85299Jill HoopsWells Fargo Financial Leasing$1.78
2012-08-3011-82022Shon and Terese ThielenMetlife Home Loans$1.83
2012-04-2311-41722Russell R Dlouhy and Judith L DlouhyBryant, Katt and Associates CPA$1.84
2012-07-3007-41060Donald and Mary VeskrnaRamic Medical Imaging LLC $1.84
2012-10-0909-80998Crest Petroleum CorporationPayless Office Products$1.88
2012-05-1711-40598Donald L and Kathleen A SchmitCapitol Recovery III LLC$1.88
2012-10-3010-82690Joseph and Leslie BrucknerSelect Portfolio Servicing$1.91
2012-12-3111-81466Craig A. HagenauMarcotte Insurance Agency Inc$1.91
2013-12-3111-81466Craig A. HagenauNebraska Dept of Revenue$1.93
2013-04-2311-42674Shane M. & Jessica H. WibbelsPeople's Service$1.94
2013-04-2311-42674Shane M. & Jessica H. WibbelsNorfolk Mutual Insurance Co$1.95
2012-09-0711-41145Gerald L and Cindy R EverettNebraska City Utilities$1.95
2012-09-2609-81062Laurie BurtonBurtonLaurie$1.97
2013-03-1411-80464John Murphy & Latisha BlanchardSterling Dist$1.98
2013-03-2607-42182Sharon M. TuckerTuckerSharon$10
2013-06-2611-42714Janice C. GroetzingerJohn Wolf or Janice Groetzinger$10.00
2013-03-2611-80494Robert PhillipsThomas Stalnaker ORRobert Phillips$10.00
2012-12-2709-82841Roger Bert & Barbara Anna ZimmermanRichard Myers or Roger & Barbara Zimmerman$10.00
2013-06-2612-40610Cory J. RossRick D Lange or Cory Ross$10.00
2013-06-2611-82196Megan Elizabeth MaggioThomas Stalnaker or Megan Maggio$10.00
2013-03-2610-83727Amanda L. PijanowskiRichard Myers ORAmanda Pijanowski$10.00
2013-03-2611-42190Douglas R. ChandlerRick D. Lange ORDouglas Chandler$10.00
2013-07-3011-80362Gwendolyn Ann Jones-Mays Richard Myers or Gwendolyn Jones-Mays$10.00
2013-04-2909-42742Veronica E. CamarilloStacy C Nossamon-Pettit OR Veronica Camarillo$10.00
2013-01-3011-81731Muhammad Abdur-Rahim & Allison Brionne WilliamsRichard Myers OR Muhammad & Allison Williams$10.00
2013-01-3009-82187Sherry Lynn NeelsRick D Lange ORSherry Neels$10.00
2012-12-2711-80954Eric Allen & Melissa Ann MillerThomas Stalnaker or Eric and Melissa Miller$10.00
2012-12-2711-41347David A. & Barbara A. SchleicherJohn Wolf or David & Barbara Schleicher$10.00
2013-01-3011-80023Anthony J. & Michelle Marie DellingerThomas Stalnaker ORAnthony & Michelle Dellinger$10.00
2012-03-2711-81500Mark McCoyRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-05-0310-82361Angie CutlerRick D Langeor Debtor$10.00
2012-05-2511-81411Carrie ErwinThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-10-3010-83068Michael and Lisa MailanderRichard Myersor Debtor$10.00
2012-05-0310-81643Richard and Eun HotzRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-10-3009-82514Delton and Anissa RossThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-10-3010-81517Terrence and Cynthia KennyThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-06-2809-81952Raymond Walden and Martina ThompsonThomas Stalnaker orDebtor$10.00
2012-06-2808-81573Janet CombsJoe Badami orDebtor$10.00
2012-05-0310-83449Hector and Maria Jimenez JrRichard Myersor Debtor$10.00
2012-09-2611-82913Traci EvansThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-10-3009-83108Kenneth and Tyneil GordonRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-10-3010-81291Ivette DelgadoRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-09-2611-80824Robert WerthRichard Meyeror Debtor$10.00
2012-03-2710-41170Ricky AndersonPhilip Kelly orDebtor$10.00
2012-07-3007-81772Diane FantroyRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-05-0309-82350Melvin and Louise Field JrThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-08-3009-82190Brent and Jessica AshbrookThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-11-2711-82053Jennifer ThompsonRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-03-2708-82699Anthony CaputoRichard Myers orDebtor$10.00
2012-03-2709-41225William Minnitte Sr and Cathryn KnightRick D Lange orDebtor$10.00
2012-03-2709-82682Mary LennonRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-11-2711-40165Benjamin and Becky FooteRick Lange or Debtors$10.00
2012-05-2508-40170Daryl and Linda TicklePhilip Kelly or Debtor$10.00
2012-08-3011-80535Tamra ShivelyThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3011-80286Henry Reese JrThomas Stalnaker or Debtor$10.00
2012-11-2707-81835Sandra McDonaldRichard Myers or Debtor$10.00
2012-05-0309-41274Michael and Michelle ZiemkeRick D Lange or Debtor$10.00
2012-08-3008-82516Gary and Bonnie WallsThomas Stalnaker orDebtor$10.00
2012-07-3008-81503Stephen and Linda KreifelsThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-05-0308-81696Angela JamesThomas Stalnakeror Debtor$10.00
2012-07-3010-81451Joshua and Jennifer WilliamsRick D Langeor Debtor$10.00
2013-07-3009-41552Randall Eugene Dinsdale Rick D. Lange or Randall Dinsdale$10.00
2013-05-2911-82180Bruce Wayne II & Brenda Rae GreenThomas Stalnaker ORBruce & Brenda Green, II$10.00
2013-05-2909-83208Sonja Renee BrockmanJoe Badami ORSonja Brockman$10.00
2007-10-2504-82002Johnson, BarbaraJohnsonBarbara$10.00
2012-07-3007-40263Douglas and Kristi TurnerUniversity of Nebraska FCU$10.08
2013-02-2207-41285Paul T. KuhlmannHSBC Bank of Nevada, NA$10.63
2013-05-2906-41612Sherry L. DetamoreSallie Mae Inc - United Student Aidco Sallie Mae Guarantee Services$10.73
2013-05-2910-40101Cheryl Ann BlankenshipAmeri-Cash Advance Centers IncCash Spot$10.75
2013-05-2912-40201Jeremie & Kelly JohnsonJohn Wolf ORJeremie & Kelly Johnson$10.80
2012-08-3011-40950Jeffrey SaddJohn Wolf or Debtor$10.81
2013-08-2208-80336Monica Lynn MakindeSallie Mae Inc-United Student Aidco Sallie Mae Guarantee Services$10.88
2013-06-2608-80281Michael Dean EasterJames Polercky, DDS$10.93
2006-08-2903-41671CollinsER Solutions Inc$10.95
2013-11-1908-40594Karl Eugene & Kelley Christine WickizerHershbergers Music$10.99