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A.      Continuance Upon Stipulation.  As soon as all parties in interest stipulate for the continuance of a hearing on a motion, they shall immediately notify the Courtroom Department by email at of their stipulation, which shall be subject to approval by the Court as required in subsection D.  Unless the continuance is approved by the Court, the parties must participate in the scheduled hearing.

B.      Continuance Upon Motion.  If a party wants to continue a hearing and all parties in interest will not so stipulate, a motion for the continuance shall be filed with the Court and served upon all previously noticed parties before the day set for the hearing.  The motion shall set forth, in detail, the basis for the motion and shall state whether any continuance has been previously granted.

C.      Notice of Continuance.  If a continuance is approved, the moving party shall be responsible for providing immediate telephone notice of the continuance to all parties expected to appear at the hearing.

D.      Court Approval.  No continuance (whether stipulated to by counsel or not) shall be effective unless the Court announces it in open Court, approves it in an order, or the Courtroom Department informs the parties that the Judge has authorized the requested continuance.