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Local Rules and Orders

Local Rules and Orders

The updated Local Rules have been finalized and are effective January 1, 2019. See attached Local Rules and Summary of Local Rules Changes.

  • Final Version with Appendix A-P
  • Summary Of Proposed Local Rules
  • The U.S. Bankruptcy Court's Local Rules have a new look.

    • The Rules themselves have not changed, just the viewing venue.
    • The Rules have been converted to this online help document. It is a web-based document that should make searching for information easier.
    • Help is available - To familiarize yourself with this new format, take some time to review the HELP information from the Table of Contents.
    • A printable copy of the complete version of the Neb. R. Bank. P. is available under the Table of Contents -> Local Rules PDF -> Printable copy of Rules -> Select the Neb. R. Bank. P. link

    Email all suggestions and/or comments regarding the Local Rules to